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Why Your Dentist in Petersfield May Recommend Invisalign

Updated: Feb 21

Sometimes we’re not always happy with our smile. Whether it be misaligned molars or crooked canines, we all have a little bugbear or two when it comes to those toothy grins that we show the world. If you have any little enamel based bother, then your dentist might recommend Invisalign in Petersfield as their treatment of choice for someone with concerns about their smile.

What is Invisalign?

Simplified, Invisalign in Petersfield is a see-through plastic brace that’s been custom fitted to your teeth and is used to slowly and gently push any misaligned portions of your mouth to their correct positions.

When you first sign up for this treatment, we will bring you in to our College Street Dental Centre practice and discuss the process with you.

Normally what happens next is a series of scans are made of your mouth and from there we create a 3D mapped image of the area we want to change. Then we create a series of fitted braces that will adjust your teeth to their final resting place. A great feature of the whole process is that we’re able to show you a 3D version of the end result of your treatment, so you can see how your finished smile will look as a nice added bonus.There are a lot of positives to trying out Invisalign for dental alterations. Chief of which is that there’s no necessity for dental putty left stuck between your teeth to create dental impressions, plus the process is pretty fast and accurate so you don’t have to commit a full day to your treatment.

What are the benefits?

Not only do you get to see what the finished product will look like before you start, the braces are easy to remove for eating, brushing and general comfort. However, we do stress that should keep the braces in your mouth for a minimum of 22 hours every day. The more time the aligners are out of your mouth the longer treatment will take, so be sure to remember not to leave them out for too long!

Since the appliance is plastic you can even wear these braces Invisalign, in Petersfield as you’re out around town without feeling self-conscious.

Further information

Although the entire process of realignment is to help you have straighter teeth which helps reduce plaque build-up, there can be some mild discomfort during the treatment process. Since parts of your mouth are being forcibly moved around by the apparatus, there can be what’s referred to as ‘pressure’ in the mouth. But we advise using over the counter painkillers when necessary to counter this.

The entire treatment can take up to 13 months depending on how your mouth adapts to the braces.However treatments can vary depending on the degree of adjustment needed. Many very happy patients have improved their smile through Invisalign. If any of these benefits have piqued your interest in seeing if Invisalign is the way to go for you, then talk to your dentist on your next appointment at our practice.

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Aayushi Jain
Aayushi Jain
Apr 30, 2020

Many people have a misconception that braces are for kids. But, it is not so. Yes, the ideal age to get braces treatment is during childhood but that does not mean adults cannot get braces. Any individual with healthy teeth and gums can get their teeth aligned with braces treatment.

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