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Lee's Implant Journey

Rob's Experience

Amanda's Dental 


James's Dental


Watch the lovely Amanda, a patient of 17 years, talk about why she wouldn't go to any other dental practice!

Listen to James talking about his journey with Dr Li following an accident.

Sandy's Dental Implant


Robert's Dental Implant


Listen to Sandy talk about her Christmas miracle in the form of an implant!

Listen to Robert talk about how College Street saved the day two weeks before his daughter's wedding!

Freddie and Ollie's Braces


Listen to this charming sibling duo talk about their teenage orthodontic experience at College Street Dental Centre!

Lee's Crown Experience

Watch patient Lee Williams talk about his experience with our new 3D scanner for his crown fitting!

Gina's Orthodontic Experience

Lee's Implant Journey

Watch motorbike enthusiast Lee talk about how his new WeldOne implants were the best decision of his life!

Watch Gina talk about her orthodontic treatment and what she thought about our lovely orthodontist!

Nicola's Braces Journey

Rob's Experience

Watch Rob talk about his experience at the practice and a new treatment he's just had done!

Watch Nicola chat about what it was like to have braces in her 40's!

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