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New to the world of adult braces? A beginner’s guide to Invisalign with College Street Dental Centre

Updated: Feb 21

Let’s be honest for a moment; when people hear the word ‘brace,’ the majority picture the traditional, metal orthodontic brace that their friend wore in school. We always overlook the benefits that the brace gave our friend in the long term and instead focus on the negative points they mentioned to us.

These types of memories make most people cringe when, as an adult, they are told they need braces by their dentist. It is important to note before we say no, that in adult dentistry, the type of braces offered tend to be more discreet and easier to manage than the traditional orthodontic ones.

At College Street Dental Centre, we are proud to offer our patients a range of different aligners and braces, including the famous Invisalign, in Petersfield at our surgery.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is fairly modern in the world of dentistry and is suitable for people who have crowding, spacing between teeth or mild to moderate misalignment issues. At College Street Dental Centre, our team has extensive experience of using Invisalign in Petersfield and can advise you on whether you will benefit from it.

Simply put, it is an invisible set of aligners that are made from a clear, flexible plastic that sit over your teeth and use a system of coils to gently move your teeth into their new position.

When you start treatment with Invisalign in Petersfield, a member of our dental team will scan the inside of your mouth and then, using advanced computer technology, they will design a set of aligners to help move your teeth into their new positions. The number of these aligners may vary from person to person, but overall the transition is more predictable than with other braces and aligners.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

As already mentioned, the outcome of Invisalign is more predictable and as a brace, it is very discreet. But what are its other advantages?

Faster treatment time

The average time that our patients wear Invisalign for is between 6-9 months, making it an incredibly fast and effective aligner. Depending on the complexity of the treatment you require, you may need to wear your Invisalign brace for longer.

No lifestyle change

Although you will have to wear your braces for 20 hours a day minimum, you can remove them for eating and brushing your teeth. You won’t require any additional trips to the hygienist, won’t have to brush your teeth in a certain way and you can eat all the same foods as you did before.

More confidence

With Invisalign, you are not advertising your orthodontic treatment to the world; it allows you to straighten your teeth without impinging on your confidence. This is great if your appearance is integral to your job, just pop the brace in and get on with your day.

What are you waiting for? Call our dental team in Petersfield today!


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