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Tooth Pain Could Be Caused By Sinus Congestion

If you have tooth pain, don't simply treat it with analgesics or painkillers. Tooth pain could be caused by a dental problem -- or might be linked to sinus congestion, which also benefits from treatment.

Key takeaways:

The inflamed sinuses push or press against the roots of the upper teeth that are in close proximity to the sinus cavity.

The constant pressure on the roots of the teeth will lead to severe pain similar to that of a cavity or a severe toothache.

Tooth pain caused by sinus congestion can be diagnosed by a dentist and treated through the use of antibiotics, decongestants, antihistamines and routine nasal washes.

A sinus infection left untreated can lead to more severe conditions such as an eye infection, brain infection and bone infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. Seek dental advice before treating tooth pain or concluding it is the result of nasal congestion.

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