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Teeth Straightening: Don't Try this at Home

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

A disturbing survey carried out by the American Association of Orthodontists revealed that some patients were resorting to DIY methods to straighten teeth. While most people desire a great smile, dentists warned against trying to realign a crooked tooth at home. Online tutorials were blamed for encouraging the use of household items like string and paperclips to straighten teeth which could cause serious damage.

Key Messages

  • Moving a tooth is a complicated, biological process

  • Incorrect or DIY methods can result in permanent damage to a tooth

  • Teeth straightening should be assessed, monitored and carried out by a dentist

If you want the perfect smile, consult a dentist who can carry out straightening safely and efficiently.

"It's an opportunity to get the expert's opinion about your problem, options to resolve it and, in so doing, avoid the unintended harmful consequences that could result from DIY treatment."


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