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Science Fiction to Fact: The Role of Modern Dental Technology

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

While there is no doubt that a dentist needs to possess expert skills in order to correct a smile and to protect teeth, technology has now opened up an entirely new world in regards to oral hygiene.

Lasers, advanced cameras and "smart" systems will all ensure an even brighter smile and teeth that can last lifetime if cared for properly. What are three unique innovations which have already taken hold within this massive industry?

  • A dentist will now use advanced imaging technology to create highly detailed depictions of the mouth.

  • Lasers can help to treat common ailments such as periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay.

  • Digital platforms expedite the sharing of information between industry professionals such as dentists and orthodontists.

"The camera’s unique liquid lens technology works like the human eye to ensure effortless image capture to deliver clear, detailed images patients can really understand."

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