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Interesting DNA Analysis of Ancient Teeth

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

A paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science indicates that dogs started digesting starch at the same time as human beings. The findings are the result of extensive DNA analysis of teeth and other fossils.

Key takeaways:

A team of researchers has come across genetic evidence that both humans and dogs developed the ability to digest starch at the same time.

Through DNA analysis of fossils unearthed in Eurasia, the researchers identified copies of the AQmy2B gene, known to help digest starches.

The ability to digest starch is a unique characteristic among canines and it allowed dogs to co-exist with human beings.

The finding also indicates that dogs likely developed a means for digesting starches during the same time period as did humans, a sign that dogs and humans were co-existing and that both were gaining an ability to live at least partly off the crops that humans learned to grow.

Read the full story here

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