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Have You Heard Of Tooth Loss Caused By Diabetes?

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Oral hygiene is critical for people with diabetes. Side effects such as tooth loss and gum disease will not only take their toll but will also negatively affect the control of blood sugar.

Key takeaways:

People suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes had on average ten missing teeth upon oral examination.

Diabetics were also at high risk of edentulism which is the total loss of teeth. Diabetics have a 28 percent greater risk of being toothless.

High blood sugar levels were found to disrupt the delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste from gum tissue leading to periodontitis and eventually tooth loss.

While those who have poorly controlled diabetes are most likely to experience tooth decay, even well-managed diabetics are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease.

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