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Good Dental Health Will Lower Risk Of Heart Attack

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Plaque on your teeth causes damaging inflammation in arteries that increases risk of heart disease. Infection from gums finds its way into bloodstream leads to heart disease. Using a plaque-fighting toothpaste can greatly reduce heart disease risk -- similar to taking statin drugs, but without the side effects.

Key takeaways:

Thoroughly brushing teeth with plaque-fighting toothpaste helps to keep gums healthy, preventing damaging inflammation in arteries which reduces risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Using plaque-fighting toothpaste was successful leading to a 29 percent drop in inflammation levels.

Other measures that help prevent accumulation of plaque include reducing sugar consumption.

The reduction in C-reactive protein seen with the better tooth cleaning could translate into a reduced risk of heart disease, but this would require a much larger and longer-term study to prove.

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