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Flossing Controversy!!!

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

It seems the media have caused some controversy when it comes to flossing. A recent article published by a well known tabloid suggests that the NHS is reviewing its guidance on flossing. This comes as a result of a recent announcement from the US who admit they have quietly dropped the recommendation, admitting that there is no scientific evidence to show it works.

Here are some comments from one of our Hygienists at College Street Dental Centre after reading this article.: -

"The headline of this article in the Telegraph is very misleading. There has been no investigation into the effectiveness of flossing, just an acknowledgement that no vigorous scientific studies have been carried out to investigate the perceived benefits of flossing. In my 30 years of clinical experience as a Dental Hygienist, I believe that flossing is of little benefit – IF –you have perfectly straight teeth, no history of previous periodontal damage, no existing restorations..., a diet that is extremely low in refined carbohydrates and a very effective brushing technique. Sadly few of us fall into this category and I feel strongly that interdental cleaning is of benefit to the vast majority of people.

WHICH interdental tool you use depends on a number of factors- personal motivation, dexterity, space between the teeth, along with type of restorations and access.

This type of headline grabbing article is more usual in the tabloid press –shame on The Telegraph for such a sensational article. I will have to spend the next few weeks convincing my patients they are not wasting their time"

So the opinion from College Street, tooth brushing only covers 35% of the tooth keep flossing!

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