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Finding the Right Dentist for Your Family

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Juggling dental appointments for the family can be quite stressful. It's much easier if everyone sees the same person -- but make sure you pick the right dentist for your family. Some dentists work better with children than others, some dentists might have more experience working with people who have special needs or have dental anxiety. Always try to find experienced dentists in your area, ideally through personal recommendation.

Top tips:

  • Visit the office and observe the staff and condition of the facilities

  • Ask about the appointment system and emergency appointments

  • Find out about the dentist's particular experience and interests

Maintaining a great smile and teeth is only a part of the service. Good dentists will talk about oral hygiene and preventative measures as well as providing treatment.

"Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Visit local dentists in your area and talk to the staff."

For further information or advice contact College Street Dental Centre in Petersfield, Hampshire on 01730 263180


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