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Custom Mouthguards Advised For Teeth Grinding and Sports

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Custom Mouthguards Advised For Teeth Grinding and Sports

Don't buy an inexpensive mouthguard from a store, as it won't fit well and will be uncomfortable. Instead, a custom mouthguard is best suited for protecting teeth from damage, including that caused by bruxism or sports.

Key takeaways:

  • Custom mouthguards will be worth the investment regardless whether they are worn for teeth grinding or sport.

  • You will never get used to a poorly fitting mouthguard. In fact, it could do you more damage than good.

  • A custom mouthguard will ensure you breathe normally even when asleep.

"Getting a custom mouthguard is absolutely worth the effort and the cost at your dentist’s office. This is because it better protects your teeth, is more comfortable, and allows you to breathe properly regardless of what you need to do with your mouthguard in."

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