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Can a Healthy Smile Ward Off Alzheimer's?

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Many individuals will be surprised to learn that there appears to be a relationship between visits to the dentist, healthy teeth, a bright smile and the chances of acquiring dementia. A recent Japanese study illustrated that those with bad oral hygiene and poor teeth may develop Alzheimer's disease sometime later in life.

Although the mechanics are not yet fully understood, it is clear that the dentist can offer much more than an attractive smile alone. Some rather interesting findings highlighted that:

Inflammatory conditions such as periodontal and gum disease may heighten dementia rates.

Poor oral hygiene is linked to a lack of brain-rich nutrients.

The simple act of chewing likely increases blood flow to the brain.

"The number of sufferers in the UK is expected to crash through the one million barrier by 2025, and two million by 2050, from the current 850,000."

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