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Bruxism in Middle-Aged Women Is Soaring

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

People who grind their teeth don't realize they have the problem until their dentists point it out. Teeth grinding is serious as it damages tooth enamel. A dentist can help with this serious problem.

Key takeaways:

An estimated 6 million people in Britain suffer from bruxism, with an increasing number of cases among middle-aged women.

Bruxism may cause migraines, jaw pain, earaches, chipped tooth enamel and other problems.

The major cause of bruxism is stress. Everyday stressors such as juggling jobs, family, childcare and ageing parents are predisposing women to teeth grinding.

When we sleep, any worries or concerns we have, even if only in our subconscious mind, can lead to clenching, nocturnal grinding and, in some cases, pain and dysfunction of the jaw muscles.

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