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Dental Implants

Consultations are booked for 30-40 minutes. This allows both you and our highly skilled Implantologists plenty of time to discuss your reasons for considering dental implants and to identify, together, the best treatment plan for you.


A CBCT Scan may be taken during this appointment which allows our implantologists to get a 360 degree view of your jaws. It allows them to make a clinical judgement on how the implants need to be placed and the amount/density of bone present in the proposed dental implant site and the full results of this scan will be discussed with you in detail. Should a CBCT Scan show compromised levels of bone, this needn’t adversely affect the success of the treatment. An artificial bone material can often be used to supplement and shape your existing bone levels.


You will be presented with a draft treatment plan to take away with you to think about if you wish, before proceeding.


A more detailed treatment plan letter will be created and provided to you within 10 days outlining everything that was discussed, including treatment options available, benefits, associated risks and a full breakdown of costs.

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