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Same Day Teeth


Known for decades – now brought to perfection

The WeldOne concept provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations on the same day of surgery. It is a fast and economical solution to deliver partial- and full- arch restorations – suitable for immediate or late loading.

The inventors of this concept Dr. Marco Degidi and his dental technician Gianluca Sighinolfi are both from Bologna, Italy. Their excellent knowledge, craftsmanship and teamwork are the basis for the successful creation of this unique stable and durable chairside concept. The teamwork of the surgeon and the dental technican is key for success. Although the WeldOne concept is cutting-new, an impressive amount of publications in peer reviewed journals is already available. The WeldOne concept is an advanced protocol addressed to clinicians that already have experience with immediate loading treatment.

The advantages at one glance:


Meets the patients‘ demand for immediate restorations

 Surgical procedure and teeth delivery on the same day of surgery.


Significant time and cost reduction

 Specially designed components for a reduction of appointments to a minimum and the opportunity to reduce total treatment costs.


Less risks of fractures on temporaries

Immediate reinforcement of the restoration by a titanium framework.


Safe and predictable for immediate loading treatment

As a consequence of reduced mobility of implants due to immediate rigid splinting, the risk of implant failures during healing phases can be minimised.


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