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The important role that your dentist plays

Do you only visit the dentist in emergencies where you are treated to substandard service and left with a hefty bill? Having a laissez-faire attitude toward your teeth is detrimental in the long run. You can find a caring, compassionate, highly experienced and exceptionally trained dentist in Petersfield, with the College Street Dental team.

Who are we and what do we stand for?

Our vision is to help you achieve optimal dental health and a smile you can be proud of, by providing you with treatments and services that are second to none, and invaluable advice on how to take better care of your teeth, gums and mouth.

The treatments we offer

From straightforward checkups with our general dentist to replacing missing teeth with prosthetics and correcting crooked teeth with braces, we offer a wide variety of affordable services to our patients.

Chat with us, and we can find the best solution to your problem. Check below for a brief overview of what we offer.

Cosmetic dentistry

People come to us all the time complaining about their yellow teeth or chipped tooth and how these issues affect their confidence and smiles.

We can lighten your teeth by a few shades and remove unsightly nicotine stains with teeth whitening. If biting a chunk out of your apple has also left you with a missing chunk from your tooth, we can place a veneer over the damaged part of your enamel in a quick and simple procedure performed on the same day of the accident.

With us, you can also boast straight teeth with braces. We have many options from which to choose, depending on the nature and extent of your issue, and your lifestyle. Ask your dentist in Petersfield about conventional, ceramic or lingual braces - we also offer Invisalign for patients with mild to moderate teeth problems and malocclusions.

Preventative Dentistry

We cannot agree more that prevention is the best cure when it comes to your oral health. Our hygienist, an expert in preventative dentistry, will guide you on how to brush your teeth to keep harmful bacteria that cause gum diseases and tooth decay at bay. If we detect early signs of gum disease, gingivitis, we will advise you to undergo a deep cleaning procedure with us to remove plaque build up and tartar deposits hiding in your teeth and gums.

Missing teeth

Whether through ageing, neglect or an accident, you might have lost one tooth or many. Luckily, it is not the middle ages, and you do not have to live with gaps between your teeth for the rest of your life. In fact, we do not recommend that you do - not replacing a missing tooth can result in harmful infections that spread throughout the body.

Dental implants, crowns and same day smiles - you have many choices available to you. We recommend dental implants for patients who value low maintenance and high reward. The implant, which is a screw made from titanium, is drilled into your jaw bone to replace your missing tooth at the root. The jaw bone sees the object as tissue and fuses with it in a biological process that is called osseointegration. In time, the screw and the crown it holds in place become part of your mouth, which means you can now eat the food you enjoy without worrying about the crown slipping out or breaking.

Prioritise your dental health with us and look forward to perfect teeth and a problem free mouth with a dentist in Petersfield.


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