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How PROSECCO Can Ruin Your Teeth

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

A visit to the dentist for treatment for sensitive teeth revealed something interesting. The visit was necessitated by the fact that teeth were overly sensitive and the front two appeared to have small dents.

Key takeaways:

The odd glassful of Prosecco, a sparkly wine, has been blamed for enamel erosion on the teeth.

Prosecco is a drink among women; and has caused great damage to their teeth even without their knowledge.

The wine damages teeth through sugar that feeds bacteria in the mouth and through high amounts of carbon dioxide that is highly acidic. Acid causes enamel erosion and weakening of teeth.

And dentists know if the erosion in your mouth is being caused by drinks rather than food because the front teeth - which are in contact with liquid the most - are the first to be affected.

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