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Eating Disorders Blamed For Damage to Teeth

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

People with eating disorders are prone to nutrient deficiencies which may impact overall health. Specific nutrient deficiencies may lead to weak teeth, bleeding gums and even sores in the mouth.

Key takeaways:

Eating disorders can cause severe and irreversible damage in the mouth.

Highly corrosive stomach contents in vomit will cause erosion of tooth enamel which leads to sensitive and brittle teeth and makes them vulnerable to decay.

Failure to get the required nutrients such as iron and vitamin B will lead to canker sores and bad breath

Although it can be difficult to talk about your eating disorder, it's a good idea to tell your dentist about your eating problem. Having said that, eating disorders are often characterized by denial and even shame and so suffers may not be immediately open.

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