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The top 10 benefits of straight teeth

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

1: Your teeth are easier to brush!

  • If your teeth are straight and not overlapping, then it is easier for the bristles of your tooth brush to get in between each of your teeth. This means food is less likely to get trapped - a cause of tooth decay

2: Clear Speech!

  • Crooked teeth can cause speech impediments. This can create a lack of confidence and school/work life can suffer as a result.

3: Less damage to your teeth!

  • Teeth that protrude are more likely to get knocked/broken.

  • If playing sport, protective mouthguards won’t fit as easily.

4: Easier to Eat!

  • Crooked or crowded teeth and can make it difficult to chew properly which in turn can cause digestive problems.

5: Less Headaches!

  • A little known fact, but if you have uneven or crooked teeth they will get worn away unevenly which can actually casue headaches or migraines as your jaw becomes misaligned

6: Healthier Gums!

  • As we all know better oral health means better gums, and a much lesser risk of gum disease. A lower risk of gum disease means a much lower risk of losing your teeth.

7: Better overall health!

  • Improved oral healthcare means less tooth decay. Tooth decay and gum disease are linked to heart disease and high blood sugar.

8: Cost effective dental care!

  • Straight teeth means less dental problems which means less expensive treatment in the longer term

9: Lower risk of damage to soft tissues in and around your mouth!

  • Crooked teeth can push against the inside of your mouth causing cuts and sores and a higher risk of infections

10: Increased Self-esteem!

  • By far one of the biggest benefits of straight teeth! You cannot put a price on the ability to smile with confidence!

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