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The Link Between Heart Disease, Diabetes and Gum Disease

The dentist will note that the primary symptoms of gum disease are redness, swelling and inflammation. These conditions can become worse when eating, flossing or brushing your teeth.

Gum disease can even lead to medical conditions such as periodontal disease if it is not taken seriously. While regular trips to the dentist are always an excellent idea, there are other options which will enable everyone to boast a bright smile and firm gums.

  • Teeth should be cleaned after every meal or at least two times a day (morning and evening).

  • To ensure a healthy smile, be sure to floss as well as to brush.

  • It is best to floss before brushing, as this helps to remove excess food particles.

"Gum disease is treatable but if it is left untreated, it can result in a much more serious condition known as periodontal disease."

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