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Look years younger with facial aesthetics

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

We want to let you in on a little secret - we can do more than fix your teeth. Ageing is an inevitable process that can be unforgiving on your skin and with the current emphasis on glowing, eternal youth, it is challenging to have to accept that you are getting older.

You cannot reverse the years, but you can enjoy the supple and taut skin that you did twenty years ago, thanks to the spectrum of non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that our team at College Street Dental Centre offers.

Can a dentist successfully administer anti-ageing treatments?

A dentist in training does not just study the teeth but also the face in immense detail for five years. By the end of it, we have in depth knowledge of the facial structure and are experts at administering injections and oral treatments. In short, our experience and skills allow us to perform non-surgical, straightforward and safe facelifts on par with other medical professionals, like plastic surgeons.

What are the different kinds of anti-ageing treatments?

We understand your concerns if this is the first time that you are considering or undergoing facial restoration therapy.

We have heard the horror stories about men and women going under the knife, and ending up with a botched face that hurts when they smile.

The difference between a back alley doctor and us is twofold. For one, we are qualified, accredited and practising medical professionals who have your best interests at heart. Secondly, we administer non-surgical, non-invasive surgeries in facial aesthetics in Petersfield where there is minimal risk involved .

We love to laugh and smile widely - and the wrinkles and crow's feet that form around your eyes are signs of a life injected with pure happiness. Botulinum toxin, the medical term for botox, is a potent neurotoxin that softens fine lines and removes deep set wrinkles, that make you feel self-conscious, by relaxing the facial muscles that cause them.

Botulinum toxin is a substance found in nature that is safe to use, in trace amounts, on the skin. If you are considering having work done, come to us for advice or to have it done. Administering it yourself could have severe or fatal side effects.

Restalyne is another injectable filler that not only breathes life and adds volume to your face, but also plumps up and adds definition to thin lips. Restylane is a gel containing hyaluronic acid that corrects severe wrinkles and folds, specifically lines from your nose to lips, and from your lips to your chin, your 'smile' lines.

I do not want my botox or fillers to look 'overdone' - how can I prevent this from happening?

Having Botox is not the same as getting a haircut - you cannot have the same 'it will grow back' attitude if the results are disastrous. Remember that while Botulinum toxin is inactive, it is still a poison and should be treated with caution.

That said we are certified practitioners equipped with an arsenal of information regarding the anatomy of the face - we use quality fillers and do not take shortcuts when it comes to facial aesthetics in Petersfield.

Talk to us about your expectations, and we will provide you with a natural, and subtle lift that enhances your facial features, with high quality facial aesthetics in Petersfield.

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