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Is Root Canal Treatment really as bad as it sounds?!

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Is Root Canal Treatment as bad as it sounds?!


But it is sometimes a necessary course of treatment that dentists recommend to save a tooth that you might otherwise lose!

If the root of the tooth becomes infected as a result of injury or decay it can cause an abscess in the immediate area.  Often this abscess can be cleared up with antibiotics prescribed by your dentist.  However, in more serious cases the dentist has two choices:

1:  Remove the tooth and clear out the infected area.

2:  Perform a root treatment:  the root inside the tooth is cleaned out and sterilised and then a ‘plug’ is put into the space inside the tooth to stop further infection.   The treated tooth is then often given a filling or a crown to strengthen the now weakened tooth.

What does it actually feel like?   In the words of one of our dental nurses who recently had to have the treatment herself:

“I was a little nervous to begin with, even though as a fully trained dental nurse I knew what to expect. 

 I was put immediately at ease as the dentist talked me through the procedure.  I must admit the process sounded daunting and that there would be far too much in my mouth at any one time.  The reality was though, I knew that far more actually went on inside the mouth during a simple filling!

I was then given an anaesthetic and my dentist gently probed the area prior to commencing treatment to ensure I was numb.  A ‘rubber dam’ was then placed over the area, isolating the tooth that needs treating. 


After that I couldn’t feel anything. No pain.  I was aware of the dentist ‘working’ and there was a sense of pushing and occasional pressure, but no more than that.   There is no getting away from the fact that I was there for quite a while, about an hour, but the time honestly did go quickly.

I did have to come back about a week later to have a crown fitted for the tooth to strengthen it.

Now I am pain free, and the crown feels just like my normal tooth”.

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