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Dental Hygienist -Direct Access

Updated: Dec 18, 2018


Do you go to an NHS Dental Practice that doesnt have a Hygienist?  Wish you could see an Hygienist hassle free?  Last year the GDC(General Dental Council) changed the rules surrounding visiting a Hygienist.

You can now visit us, College Street Dental Centre, Petersfield, for your Hygiene without needing to be referred by your dentist.

For new patients to the Practice who just want to see one of our Dental Hygienists the patient will be required to fill in an up to date medical history and a consent form for treatment.  The patient will have a regular hygiene appointment and the standard fee will be payable at the end of the appointment.

For patients who regularly see our dentists it is no longer necessary to have a prescription from the dentist, before having a hygienist appointment.

Please be aware of the following important notes regarding direct access to the Dental Hygienist:

  • Whether or not to accept direct access patients is upto the hygienist/therapist.  Not all hygienists may wish to do this and, if they would prefer to continue to work under the direction of a dentist, they have every right to do so.

  • Check with the Dental Practice that you contact, that they wish to accept direct access patients.

  • Hygienists must work within the extent of their training and must not undertake duties for which they have not been trained.

  • If a hygienist identifies an issue whilst performing their duties, they may recommend a referral to a dentist.  You should bear in mind that hygienists and therapists do not have the same training as dentists and a trip to the hygienist does not remove the need for twice yearly examinations by your dentist.

Here at College Street Dental Centre, Petersfield, we are happy for our Hygienist to see you even if you currently go to a dentist elsewhere.

For those of you who already come to our Practice for your check-ups, we do urge you to still maintain your regular oral health checks with your dentist as well as seeing our hygienist.  Did you know that at your check up, your Dentist is:

  1. Checking the health and stability of any existing restorations (ie crowns/bridges)

  2. Checking the health of your gums

  3. Checking for the presence of any plaque

  4. Giving you TLC - Checking Tongue, Lips and Cheeks

  5. Giving you an Oral Cancer screening

  6. Checking the health of your jaw joints

  7. Taking Dental X-rays to check under, inside and between your teeth

These dental xrays ares studied to ensure bone levels around your teeth are healthy.  As your hygienist is not allowed to take xrays, it is still vitally important to see your dentist so they can check what is going on under and inside your teeth.

Simply phone or pop in to book an appointment with College Street Dental Centre on 01730 263180 or email

For further information or advice contact College Street Dental Centre in Petersfield, Hampshire on 01730 263180


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