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A warm welcome

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

There’s nowhere more important to feel relaxed and safe than at the dentist. Lying back in a chair with a big light shining down on you while people poke around in your mouth, is about as vulnerable a position as many people will ever experience in their lives. No wonder then that most patients feel at least a little frisson of nerves when they come to the dentist, and that as many as 13% of people suffer the extreme anxiety of dental phobia.

College Street Dental Centre in Petersfield
College Street Dental Centre in Petersfield

Here at College Street Dental Centre in Petersfield, our aim is to make you feel at home as soon as you come through the door.

Our friendly, efficient reception team will be waiting to greet you and make sure you have everything you need to help you relax while you wait for your appointment. We have designed the interior of the practice to feel relaxing and yet also professional.

Our dentists, Afshin, Bita, Heather and Vincent, are all highly experienced in different areas of dentistry. We also have a great team of nurses to assist them, and hygienists to make sure your teeth are super clean and that you are up-to-date with the latest hygiene advice.

One of our aims is to be able to provide you with appropriate dental care, no matter what your age. Dental needs change as we go through life and so it’s important for us as a dental practice in a family area to be able to offer treatments for children, as well as young adults through to seniors.

We also have a focus on ‘teeth for life’, a mantra that means our treatments are aimed at making sure you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. We offer preventive treatments and our aim is also to sort out any issues quickly and for the long-term.

We also understand that no matter how friendly and welcoming the dental practice is, you may still feel really scared about coming in. That’s ok. We believe that over time and with the right approach, we can help you turn around any dental fears, and build new memories of coming to the dentist that will turn your visits into a positive experience.

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